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Weddings, Parties, Special Occasions!

Quality Digital Video/Picture/Audio service

If you need to have your special event on a web site or save your memories for a life time on a CD, I provide a variety of services that can make your event memorable.

Services include:

Digital Video taping of your celebration with video editing. Transfer to Video CD or DVD.

Transfer of  your DV, VHS, Video 8  tapes to  CD or DVD. Slideshows on CD or DVD and send  your memories  to anyone that has a computer or DVD player.

Digital pictures of your event. Create a slide show that can be sent  to anyone with a computer or DVD Player. Your images saved on a CD, DVD or share them on the internet.

Scanning Services. Scan your old slides, pictures and negatives and put them in a CD or DVD.

Website design. Want to share your event with others? You can get a domain name (if available) and have your pictures published on the site.

LP/Audio Cassette to CD transfer
Do you have an old LP or cassette tape that you wish you had it on a CD? I will transfer your old LP or Cassette with those memorable audio clips to a CD, so that you can play it anywhere! MP3 conversion also available. 

Each service varies in price, please contact me for pricing information and description of your project.

Some samples:



services include digital video and pictures.

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I am located in Portland, Oregon


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